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Jul 31 2022
As you consider a move to an independent living community, you’re likely thinking about how this move will help you to live life purposefully. With a better idea of what to expect from senior housing
group of smiling seniors dancing in a conga line and laughing
Jun 23 2022
The Health Benefits of a Social Life in Senior Living  It’s a fact: 43% of seniors report frequent feelings of loneliness. While Isolation and loneliness are unpleasant for anyone, they present
Senior man at a sermon in his retirement community
May 19 2022
A person’s spiritual beliefs should transcend living arrangements. Thus, you should never be asked or pressured to give up your faith just because you're moving to a senior living community. At Abe’s
Seniors socializing with each other over a picket fence
Mar 31 2022
The desire for connection and human interaction is natural, and it persists throughout one’s life. In fact, not meeting these needs can lead to isolation, loneliness and serious health issues. 
group of seniors practicing yoga
Mar 23 2022
Moving from your family home can feel overwhelming. Indeed, it is a significant change that may require a lot of consideration. Your home holds memories. It has your stamp on it. Perhaps it even
caregiver with her arm around a smiling senior woman
Feb 21 2022
We’ve heard the questions. People are asking, “Is Park Manor gone?” Well, the name is gone, but the community is still going strong! Abe’s Garden Community is new in name only – Park Manor’s
Judy Simmons in Library at Abe's Garden Community
Jan 25 2022
Gathering the Right Information from Your Visits The best way to get acquainted with a senior living community is to schedule a visit. A lot of information can be gleaned from websites, but there is
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Dec 01 2021
Sometimes, the very thought of finding a retirement community is overwhelming. Older adults are seeking a better quality of life and more advanced levels of care. But many have no idea where to begin
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Nov 05 2021
Most of us know the basic habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle:  Don’t smoke Get enough sleep Eat a nutritious diet Exercise regularly But there’s an often overlooked aspect that plays a
Senior man working out with dumbells
Oct 13 2021
When you think of senior living, do you think about care options, or do you think about wellness options? “There has been a seismic shift in the way senior living is approaching lifestyles in their
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“The moment I started watching this [caregiving] video, I became interested.”
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“I was thoroughly impressed with the community [after taking a tour], yet I was even more impressed with your focus on continual learning and improvement.”
Caregiving video viewer
“Keep doing what you do, seeing this warmed my heart.”