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Abe's Garden resident reads book to family member

Family support

The relationships between family members and their loved ones with dementia will change dramatically as the disease progresses. Our full-time licensed clinical social worker assists with easing the transition from home to Abe’s Garden Community, offers strategies and skills to assist in communication and maximize visits with failure-free engagement activities, and provides emotional support for families. As the person’s cognitive and communication skills decline, family members will seek new ways to interact. Abe’s Garden Community continues providing family members with education and support throughout this journey.

Helen Crow, Oklahoma chapter, Alzheimer’s Association
“I'm so impressed to see all of the things you are doing at Abe's Garden®. Every little detail is intentional, always keeping the residents and the disease in mind.”
Donna Finto-Burks, Abe’s Garden Senior Director of Clinical Care
“Team members, residents, and families collaborate regarding the constantly evolving Abe’s Garden® model. This coincides with a dedication to providing all residents engagement opportunities that align with their likes and needs, which is also
Kenna Niles, an AGCG participant’s wife
“As [my husband] has transitioned through the different stages of his disease, the [Abe’s Garden®] Community Group has made the single biggest impact. It has helped him to see that he can still contribute, make friends and enjoy himself.”