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Mia leading movement class at Abe's Garden


Your time and energy mean a great deal to seniors.  

Volunteers have the opportunity to engage with Abe’s Garden Community residents, The Club (day program) participants, and Abe’s Garden Community Group (early stage dementia) participants. The following are examples of day, evening, and weekend volunteer opportunities offered, and supported by staff members:

  • Assist with outings i.e., scenic drives, special events
  • Help residents with hair, make-up, and manicures
  • Flower arranging
  • Lead art, dance, music, or exercise classes
  • Prepare greeting cards for family members
  • Dine and socialize with residents
  • Sensory stimulation and hand massages
  • Program/event set-up
  • Reading group/book club
  • Bible study
  • Assist or lead craft projects
  • Sing or play an instrument
  • Schedule and coordinate event entertainment
  • Coordinate visits and performances with student and youth groups
  • Gardening (plant and garden care, assist residents and horticultural therapist, assist master gardener with farm-to-table garden)
  • Cooking Club (prepare snacks and serve food and beverages, help with weekly cookouts, coordinate cooking classes, make and bring refreshments for celebrations)

All volunteers are required to complete an application, interview, and attend orientation and training.   

For questions about volunteering and to acquire an application, please contact Valerie Snider at 615.997.3030 ext. 53 or vsnider@abesgarden.org.

Advice for caregivers to engage loved ones with dementia:

Start with simple tasks that offer success. If it is not successful, put the blame on yourself. “I am so sorry, I didn’t get you the right supplies,” even if that isn’t the truth.

Begin the activity working together at first. If they don’t know how to do it, they will mirror you.

Praise in an adult way. Thank them after each purposeful task.

Invite and encourage them to participate by saying “I need your help. Please help me.”

Suzanne Schulman
“[By pledging a planned gift to Abe’s Garden®,] our wish is to do our part to assist in the continuance of the high quality of care for individuals and families coping with Alzheimer’s.”
Dena Davies, volunteer
“I have really enjoyed volunteering with music sessions every [week] at Abe’s Garden® for years now. I can honestly say that the love I feel each week fills my heart with a joy that I have never known before!”
Donna Coleman, Senior Director of Marketing and Development
“I love helping people plan and achieve their philanthropic goals. All gifts work together to further the goals of Abe’s Garden® and Park Manor.”