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Residential care:

“We know growing up that our parents want the best for us. Then there comes a time when we want and need the best for our parents. It’s among the hardest things that kids ever deal with, especially when they’re not kids anymore. That’s why Abe’s Garden Memory Support was so important to us. Abe’s Garden Community really is a world-class, cutting edge, special, loving, warm place. When my mother needed that very thing, it was there. We looked in lots of places and thought about anywhere in the country. And in the end, I was convinced, and am convinced, there was no place on the planet that would have been better for my mother, that is better for my mother, than Abe’s Garden Community.  I just hope that they’ll be a time when every son or daughter can know that their parents have a place like that when they need it.”

– Bill Purcell, Mayor of Nashville  and Davidson County (1999-2007), Abe’s Garden Community board member, and son of resident Mary Purcell

“The Abe’s Garden Community staff is making my dad’s new chapter so easy. In our first conversation (since moving in), he reported he has a great room, with a beautiful view and lots of light ... the people are very nice, and the food is tasty.”  

– Anne, daughter of an Abe’s Garden Memory Support resident

"I still cannot believe how very lucky we were to have found such a perfect place for my mother. I will never find the words to adequately express my gratitude to all the staff at Abe’s [Garden Community] for how you cared for and loved my mother. She thrived during her year there. You enabled her to spend her last year of life with happiness, dignity and love. That means so much to me.”

– Cornelia Granbery, daughter of an Abe’s Garden Memory Support resident

“We love Abe’s [ Garden Community] and feel so at home and it means everything to us that mom is content and safe.  We are very grateful.”

– Sandy Bivens (and family), daughter of resident Judy Bivens

“Abe’s Garden Community gave [my mother] new gifts.   Abe’s [Garden Community] gave her activities.  Abe’s [Garden Community] gave her the sound of music and other people.  If she wanted it, Abe’s [Garden Community] gave her history classes, news, gardening, cooking, arts and more. Abe’s [Garden Community] gave her a safety zone and I never doubted her safety for a minute.  Most of all, Abe’s [Garden Community] gave her love.  It’s not the facilities you see, which are beautiful, it’s the people you don’t even know that will help make your loved one’s journey more complete. Every resident there has those same handful of people who make sure they eat, make sure they participate in activities, who make every effort to provide comfort and happiness.  Abe’s [Garden Community] was a blessing for my mother and our family in a very difficult period of her/our life.” 

– Barry Fogle, son of resident Dorothy “Dottie” Fogle

Community-based services:

“[We are so] happy with the [in-home care] caregivers and service. It has truly been a lifesaver and game-changer.”

– Ryan, son of a member of The Club

“The music instruction piece is very well done and I commend Abe's [Garden Community] for creating it. I am also grateful for the incredible opportunities that [my husband] has every week day at Abe's [Garden Community].”

 – The Club participant’s wife

“As [my husband] has transitioned through the different stages of his disease, Abe's Garden Community Group has made the single biggest impact. It has helped him to see that he can still contribute, make friends and enjoy himself.”

– Kenna Niles, an AGCG participant’s wife

“It’s a relief to find a group of people that I can really associate with. I’m building friends here, which I really appreciate.”

– Ed Gore, AGCG participant

“Her mind seems clearer with less obvious memory loss. You are helping her.”

– An AGCG participant’s husband 

“It’s such a relief to have a place where mother can go to stay engaged with others, to have great conversations, to learn about new things, and to participate in exercise, dance, music and other pleasant activities. We are thankful she is doing something that will help prolong her active life and engage her mind in a positive way.”

– Marilyn Ollila, an AGCG participant’s daughter

“Thank you very much for this video. I take care of my grandpa who has this disease and this has been very helpful. I hope we someday find a cure!”

– Carlene Thompson, caregiving video viewer

“The moment I started watching this video, I [became] interested.”

– Sonic the Hedgehog, caregiving video viewer

“Keep doing what you do, seeing this warmed my heart.”

– Dea6cat, caregiving video viewer


“I'm so impressed to see all of the things you are doing at Abe's Garden [Community].  Every little detail is intentional, always keeping ​the residents and the disease in mind.”

– Support group participant, Alzheimer’s Association Oklahoma Chapter

“I was thoroughly impressed with the community [after taking a tour], yet I was even more impressed with “the heart” of why you do what you do along with your focus on continual learning and improvement.”

– Industry Professional


“I really love working at Abe’s Garden Community. This is a unique place. There are few communities where I can interact with the people whose meals I’m preparing… I get to know the residents personally. I can tell you what each one is going to eat and the foods they don’t like. I’m taking the training courses to better help myself. I really didn’t know about dementia and Alzheimer’s. Once I got here and they offered the training courses, I took them so I can better understand [the residents] and figure out where residents are coming from.”

– Nic Rudd, Abe’s Garden Community Sous Chef

“It's never about the work I do for the residents, it's about the love I put into doing it.”

– LaCola Parker, Care Partner


“In an effort to own our philanthropic legacies, we looked at the community from which we have benefited, and hopefully in some small measure also contributed. Because of Abe’s Garden [Community], our community has a world-class memory care center that is impacting so many people around the nation. Our wish is to do our part to assist in the continuance of the high quality of care for individuals and families coping with Alzheimer’s.”

– Suzanne Schulman, with her husband Jimmy, has pledged a planned gift to Abe’s Garden Community

“There is nothing more inspiring than working with people who are dedicated and passionate about the mission of an organization. The individuals guiding the initiative to bring Abe’s Garden Community to life have surrounded themselves with knowledgeable professionals and committed community leaders, and each of them is an inspiration to me.”

– Board of Directors member Paula Lovell

“I drove home every night knowing that [my husband Glen Campbell] was safe, sleeping in his bed being watched over by people who knew how to care for him.”

– Board of Directors member, Kim Campbell


“I have really enjoyed volunteering with music sessions every [week] at Abe’s Garden Community for years now. It was on my heart to try and make a difference through music, and to work hard on a regular basis to hopefully ignite the spark of fond memories through the unique and beautiful power of music with the [residents]. I [feel it’s been] an answer to a prayer to be able to share my music and to have an opportunity to make people laugh, smile and most importantly sing on a weekly basis! I can honestly say that the love I feel each week fills my heart with a joy that I have never known before! I am impressed with the level of care, nurturing and sincere love the caregivers give to the residents. I witness this love given out each week and it is powerful!”

– volunteer Dena Davies

Board of Directors member Paula Lovell
“The individuals guiding the initiative to bring Abe’s Garden® to life have surrounded themselves with knowledgeable professionals and committed community leaders.”
Board of Directors member Bill Purcell
“I just hope that they’ll be a time when every son or daughter can know that their parents have a place like that when they need it.”
Music Advisory Council member Kim Campbell
“At Abe’s Garden®, our family joined a memory care community. That’s the way I think of it and that’s the way it felt.”