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Music Advisory Council

  • Kim Campbell – CareLiving.org (Founder)
  • Joe Galante – Galante Entertainment (Chairman)
  • Ed Hardy – CMA (Chairman of Board of Directors)
  • Lisa Harless – Regions Financial Corporation (Senior Vice President Wealth Management – Private Wealth Advisor)
  • Carl Kornmeyer – LBK Entertainment & Publishing (President/CEO)
  • Joie Scott – Emmy-nominated, No. 1 hit songwriter 
  • Bill Simmons – The Fitzgerald Hartley Co. (Partner)
  • Troy Tomlinson – Sony/ATV Nashville (President/CEO)
Board of Directors member Paula Lovell
“The individuals guiding the initiative to bring Abe’s Garden® to life have surrounded themselves with knowledgeable professionals and committed community leaders.”
Board of Directors member Bill Purcell
“I just hope that they’ll be a time when every son or daughter can know that their parents have a place like that when they need it.”
Music Advisory Council member Kim Campbell
“At Abe’s Garden®, our family joined a memory care community. That’s the way I think of it and that’s the way it felt.”