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The history and people behind our mission are at the core of Abe’s Garden​’s success in elevating dementia care.

man and woman singing karaoke

Abe’s Garden Community seeks to elevate the standard of care for those with cognitive impairment.

Abe's Garden resident waters flowers with caregiver

Michael Shmerling founded Abe’s Garden Community in honor of his father, Abram, after identifying the need for a memory care community and organization that improves the quality of care for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

The Abe’s Garden® leadership team includes decades of industry experience, a range of skills, and passion.

Our Board of Directors stewards the organization's assets, enhances its public standing, ensures accountability, and maintains legal integrity.

This Council includes music industry professionals who guide opportunities to integrate music into programming, fundraising, and marketing.

Abe’s Garden® has had the support of many celebrities through the years who believe in our mission.

Read what program participants, resident family members, staff, and industry professionals think about Abe’s Garden Community.

Take a look at different areas of our campus.

Board of Directors member Paula Lovell
“The individuals guiding the initiative to bring Abe’s Garden® to life have surrounded themselves with knowledgeable professionals and committed community leaders.”
Board of Directors member Bill Purcell
“I just hope that they’ll be a time when every son or daughter can know that their parents have a place like that when they need it.”
Music Advisory Council member Kim Campbell
“At Abe’s Garden®, our family joined a memory care community. That’s the way I think of it and that’s the way it felt.”